Current SNRSI Scholars

Tiang Zi Hua

Matriculation Year: 2016
Imperial College London
Masters, Nuclear Engineering

Hello, I am Zi Hua and I am currently undertaking a Master taught course in Advanced Nuclear Engineering at the Imperial College London. Previously, I took Mechanical Engineering for my undergraduate degree. The taught course covers a broad range of the subject, from design and build, through operation to decommissioning and final disposal. There are core and short modules, and a research project to be completed for the course.

The reason why I pursued the MSc. in nuclear engineering is because I have great passion in engineering and my interest in nuclear is nuclear thermal hydraulics and fluids related area. Generally, only nuclear engineering covers thermal hydraulics and this motivated me to choose this course out of the many others area in nuclear.

I enjoyed the computational modelling classes here a lot as it really allows me to gain better understanding of the theory and see how the theory relates to similar situations that we will encounter in a nuclear reactor. For my project, it will be computational simulation type as nuclear is not something that can experimented easily due to the safety issue and radiation that comes from using nuclear fuel.