Tan Tu Guang

Matriculation Year: 2016
University of Tokyo
Masters, Special Graduate Program in Resilience Engineering

The concept of risk is of utmost importance due to its omnipresence. Indeed, careful rationalization reveals that it is impossible to avoid risks; we can only choose between risks. It is therefore crucial to quantify risk in order for us to have meaningful comparisons and to make well-informed decisions. The conventional method of using expectation values is insufficient by today’s standards. My research interest is in the field of risk quantification and optimization, be it by developing new metrics or suitable tailoring of existing models to fit the problem at hand.

My current research topic applies this concept to the decommissioning and fuel debris retrieval process of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. By considering not just the technical aspects but also the economic and social aspects, my research aims to produce a risk management plan that is not only optimal but practical as well.