Current SNRSI Scholars

Name Matriculation Year University Degree Pursued Programme
Tan Beng Thye 2015 University of Cambridge PhD Earth Sciences
Ang Xing Yang Ian 2016 University of Bristol PhD Physics
Goh Swee Ting Valerie 2016 Hirosaki University PhD Health Sciences
Tham Yan Ren 2016 Imperial College London PhD Materials
Tan Tu Guang 2016 University of Tokyo Masters Special Graduate Program in Resilience Engineering
Tang Jia Hao 2016 Université Paris-Saclay Masters Decommissioning and Waste Management
Tiang Zi Hua 2016 Imperial College London Masters Nuclear Engineering
Park Sun Myung 2017 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign PhD Nuclear Plasma and Radiological Engineering
Mallory Ho Su-Yi 2017 The University of Manchester PhD Chemistry
Chan Yi Meng 2017 University of California, Berkeley Masters Nuclear Engineering
Yap Ching Hiong 2017 University of Cambridge Masters Nuclear Energy
Vitesh s/o Rathah Krishnan 2017 The University Manchester Masters Nuclear Science and Technology

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